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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Students learn how elements of art are organized using the principles of design; rhythm, balance, emphasis, variety, harmony and unity.

Gradually increase students' understanding and knowledge of the art-making process

Learn the language of the visual arts and design

Create artwork and creative materials which reflects personal experience and imagination

Experiment with art materials and techniques

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Abigail Penfold

Art Educator

Class Details

Our visual arts curriculum provides a clear vision of the knowledge, skills and concepts all Triad students need to learn through the study of the visual arts. We view the arts as a rigorous subject area with its own content of knowledge, vital in developing educated citizens. The goal of the curriculum is for students to develop visual literacy. Students are expected to think critically, learn the language of the visual arts and create artwork and creative materials which reflects personal experience and imagination.

In the viewing and analysis of works of art, students develop oral language and practice skills which correlates to the method used in response to literature. Students discover that Math concepts such as developing shapes and forms, comparing, measurement, proportion, perspective, visual-spatial relationships and grids are part of the visual arts curriculum. The process of creating art is similar to the experimentation process in Science and students learn that works of art reflect the time and place in history in which they were created.