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Triad works with the JamPro Music Factory which has developed a program specific to Triad’s custom learning program that modernizes the approach towards music education for students that blend lessons with technology, recording, collaboration, and on-stage performances. By combining these elements with teaching music the students actually enjoy, our music education model keeps students engaged and motivated to excel over the long term.

Students explore the world of music in programs that promote healthy development, bonding, and self-confidence

Focus on building a foundation of proper technique & music theory

Includes iMac Theory Lab time to assist with sight reading, music theory & ear training

Incorporates percussion instruments to assist in developing rhythm, timing & tempo

Voice and Instrument disciplines


Course Instruction

Jam Pro Music Factory

Class Details

Triad partners with JamPro Music Factory to provide Nevada a unique and innovative approach to music education. By incorporating modern music technology, professional recording sessions, collaborations, and live onstage performances into there programs, they work with Triad students to break that uninspiring lesson–practice–lesson–practice cycle most local music educators still employ. Our method provides students with regular and tangible feedback on their progress. Plus, the recording and live performance events motivate students to practice and improve upon the areas they know they need work.

While motivating students to practice is one of the many strengths of our method, practice alone is simply not enough. All too often we hear the old saying “Practice Makes Perfect.” The twist on that saying is “Practice Makes Permanent.” This is very true and it is critical that students not only practice using proper technique, but with an objective understanding of where they need improvement as well.